About Us

Here For You



There's been a community centre in Tanterton since the early 1980’s. Once a hive of activity with pantomimes, fêtes and youth groups, a series of unfortunate events saw a decline in visitor numbers and the centre was forced to close its doors in 2013.

Determined to make sure that this vital community asset was not lost to decay, a group of dedicated local people got together to re-open the centre. They set about creating an ambitious but achievable plan, to bring the centre back to life and return it to the whole community. The plan was approved by Preston City Council and in May 2014 the Tanterton Village Centre officially re-opened its doors.

The centre is managed by a not for profit registered charity, copies of our policies and publications can be viewed here.

Our board is made up of Peter Mason (Chair), Alan Brookes (Secretary), Janet Thompson, Bruce Ellison, Liz Soole and Bill Shannon. Local people who volunteer their time and efforts free of charge.

They all have one thing in common, to ensure that the centre remains at the heart of the community, providing a sustainable, secure, culturally diverse and accessible space that is valued and supported by the people of Tanterton - Here for You!


Now that the building is in the hands of our community, its up to all of us to make it a busy, vibrant place that people want to use.

There really is no ‘behind-the-scenes’, everyone who uses the building helps keep it going and you can help. This could be by simply booking the centre for a party, spreading the word about us or coming down to help when you can.

The centre belongs to all of us so let’s make it work!


We are all committed to supporting local people to access resources and develop skills to create an active, flourishing community.

We want Tanterton Village Centre to be a huge part of activities, projects and ideas that local residents want to do. It belongs to everyone, so we all need to work together.

Our rules

It has taken a lot of hard work to obtain a lease from Preston City Council so that the community could take over the running of Tanterton Village Centre. With this in mind we have the following rules in place. Everyone is bound by them and we will enforce them accordingly, using a Yellow and Red Card system - similar to how a football referee would.

Treat the centre and volunteers with respect at all times
No drugs, swearing, fighting or unruly behaviour
All sessions must be paid for so that we can continue running the centre
Bullying, racist, homophobic or violent behaviour of any kind, will not be tolerated.
No bikes to be brought inside
No pets to be brought into the centre
No ball games inside the centre
Clean up after yourself
Take care and look after the equipment
Report any problems straight away